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Caffe Moak

MOTYKA for the Greek, MOTUCA for the Romans and MOHAC for the Arabs. During its millenary history, the Sicilian city of Modica was a part of the greatest civilization, the Arabs. They were "discoverers" and great coffee consumers and inspired the naming of our company. New and ancient at the same time, we have been roasting and distributing coffee since 1967. Ever since, Moak has continued to improve, in size, quality and trademark diffusion. This is a small chapter in the great culture of coffee. A short story of a long-lasting tradition. This is Moak, the coffee people enjoy.

Moak's experience and passion are reflected in a great variety of blends that satisfy every palate, from those who prefer more aromatic and delicate flavors to those who love very creamy coffee. Download complete Caffe Moak product list - Click here So that you can enjoy the unique pleasure of a good coffee every day - at a cafe, at home or in the office.


The Frog Espresso Pod Machine

Moak Servito

This coffee blend is prepared wisely balancing the best Arabica and Robusta cru. With aromatic taste, it is creamy with strong nuances of bitter cocoa.

Moak Coffee Break

This blend was developed for all those people who need an energy boost in the morning and a strong flavor to start off the day with.

Moak Decaffeinato

A creamy blend with a delicate taste and nuances of dates and cocoa. You will not believe is it a decaffeinated coffee. Those who taste it keep wondering whether it is really a decaf.

Moak Stella

A sweet and particularly aromatic coffee blend which delights the palate with a pleasant and balanced acidity, and nuances of citrus fruit that, unexpectedly, recalls far and sunny lands. It has a pleasant persistent aroma.

Moak Coffee Capsules

Moak Coffee capsules are the solution dedicated to restaurants and cafes who would like to offer their customers aroma, flavor and full-bodied taste of the original Italian Espresso, without compromising the quality of the product or having to stock large quantities in house.

The Frog Espresso Pod Machine

The Frog is an Espresso Pod machine designed for the home, office, café or restaurant. The Frogs' innovative design and simplicity make it reliable and easy to use. Designed exclusively for the espresso coffee pods, it guarantees a prefect cup of espresso coffee every time. The Frog espresso machine is equipped with an extraction chamber that locks the Pod into place. The water chamber is uniquely designed to hold a 1.5 liter bottle of water. The use of bottled water reduces the calcium build up in the water pump. Together, these features produce a superior cup of espresso.

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Moak Coffee Capsules The Frog Espresso Machine