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The characteristics of pasta are simple: Durum wheat semolina and water. Yet what makes the flavor of Grano Armando pasta unique is a persistent and innovative search for excellence.

That special flavor is the result of using only 100% Italian durum wheat, containing 13.5% protein, bronze die extrusion, and long drying.

Grano Armando is one of the few Italian pasta makers with its own mill connected to the pasta factory. Every stage of working wheat is controlled, from cleaning to grinding to obtain semolina that is always fresh giving our pasta a unique flavor. Master pasta makers carefully check all stages of production so that the quality of the raw materials are retained, and natural characteristics are preserved. Always conscience of the environment all Grano Armando products are packed in bio-degradable, compostable packages.

These are the ingredients that transform Grano Armando from simple pasta into an authentic delicacy for the palate.


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